PL/PDF - the Oracle PDF creator

PDF Oracle database reporting

PL/PDF gives you the easiest solution to manage and create reports and other highly formatted documents from your Oracle database.

Using the Template Engine

Quick and Easy


Create a template in Microsoft Word

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2.Data Model

Create your data sources in PL/SQL

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Merge them with the PL/PDF Reporter

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Execute the merged code as a simple PL/SQL program

Core benefits

Template engine

With our MS Word based template engine you can design your PDF files easily and make your Oracle database PDFs mesmerizing

Everything is PL/SQL

All parts of PL/PDF are implemented in native Oracle PL/SQL language, you don't need to know any other programming language such as Java or JavaScript

Fast Development

You don't have to worry about template creation anymore, because users can easily create the report layouts using Microsoft Word only

Separated Placeholders

PL/PDF uses MS Word Content Control items, in which the user can switch visibility on/off. When the control items are switched off the layout of the report contains the visible items only

Separated Data and Layout

Your layout and data model are created separately, you don't have to create layouts for every data model, therefore the report generation is much faster

Cloud ready

PL/PDF is designed from ground up for the cloud. PL/PDF Reporter applications scale up with your Oracle Database when you have high demand. They run in Oracle RAC implementations with zero effort

PL/SQL programmers only need decent graphics or print output experience to be able to use PL/PDF quickly. Since PL/PDF frees you from the technicalities of the PDF file format, you can focus on acquiring the data and arranging text, graphics, and images on the page. PL/PDF offers all functions required to generate PDF documents with texts, graphics, images, and interactive elements such as annotations or bookmarks.

With PL/PDF you can create: