PL/PDF Reporter features

PDF Features

PDF Creation
  • Create PDFs programatically from scratch
  • Generate PDF reports from databases
  • Create PDF documents on a Web server in real time
Template Engine
  • Create report layouts in MS Word
  • Use text, PL/SQL code and repeating row placeholders (Rich Text content control)
  • Put dynamic images in your layouts (Picture content control)
  • Use the GROUP Control (equivalent to FOR-LOOP) to create repeating table rows
  • Use the Master-Detail function for groups, to create structured tables
XHTML support
  • Paragraphs
  • Images
  • Tables
  • Lists
  • Headers from one through six
  • Sup-Sub tags
PDF Security
  • Digitally sign PDFs (digital signatures)
  • Encrypt PDFs
  • Control document permissions (allows printing, copying, modification, etc)
  • Set open passwords
PDF Forms (interactive forms)
  • Create PDF forms
  • Form field support for text, pushbutton, checkbox, radiobutton, choice, and signature
  • Advanced control of form field appearance
  • Extensive support for JavaScript in form fields
PDF JavaScript
  • Add document level JavaScript
  • JavaScript support for form fields
  • Standard fonts
  • CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) fonts
  • Subsetted fonts
  • TrueType fonts
  • Powerful utility functions required for working with fonts
Vector graphics in PDF
  • Lines, arcs, ellipses, rectangles, circles, rounded rectangles
  • Full control over color, shading, blend modes and transparency
  • Full support for graphics state (load state and save state)
  • Clipping regions
  • Support for adding barcodes to documents
PDF Compression
  • Compress content
  • Compress fonts
  • Compress images
PDF Document Properties
  • Document properties (filename, title, author, subject, keywords, pdf producer, pdf version, etc)
  • Initial view preferences (page layout, page mode, magnification)
  • Embed files in PDFs
  • Set measurement units to be used in document
PDF Bookmarks (outlines)
  • Create bookmarks
  • Set bookmark destination and action (JavaScript, OpenFile,etc)
  • Utility functions for working with bookmarks
  • Code39 barcode
  • Code128 barcode
  • EAN13 barcode
  • UPC-A barcode
  • 2 of 5 interleaved barcode
  • PDF417 2D barcode
  • PostNet barcode
  • Add images from the database
  • Compress images
  • Draw images onto documents
  • Draw text on documents
  • Draw text cells and rows
  • Draw multi-line and wrapped text boxes
  • Control text size, font, color and position
  • Utility functions for working with text
Page layout
  • Precisely control the layout and style of new pages
  • Draw table rows, shapes, text and images onto pages
  • Utility functions for working with the page layout
  • Automatic page breaks
  • Automatic line break and variable text alignment
  • Page header and footer
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Pie chart
  • Full Unicode support
  • Creating ISO compliance PDF/A output for long term archiving.
  • Character encoding support.
  • Template feature

XLSX features

XLSX Creation
  • Create XLSX programatically from scratch
  • Generate XLSX reports from databases
  • Create XLSX documents on a Web server in real time
Program Init
  • Choose between 1900 date system or 1904 date system
  • Set the title of the document
  • Set the subject
  • Set keywords to the document
  • Set the description to the document
  • Set the category of the document
  • Set status of the content
  • Set font name
  • Set font size
  • Set the font italic, bold or underlined
  • Set font color
Defines a format style
  • Set numeric format from predefined formats
  • Set horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Set text rotation in degrees
  • Set wrap text property
XLSX Cell Border
  • Set the border style
  • Set the border color
Set comment to a cell
  • Set comment text
  • Set comment author
  • Set width and height for the comment box
Add an image to a cell
  • Set width and height of the image
  • Set description for the image
  • Set offset from row and column
Set printer settings for a document
  • Set the document to be printed in black and white
  • Set page orientation
  • Set paper size

DOCX features

DOCX Creation
  • Create DOCX programatically from scratch
  • Generate DOCX reports from databases
  • Create DOCX documents on a Web server in real time
Text Properties
  • Font Name, Size
  • Font Style: Bold, Italic, Underline, Strike
  • Uppercase, Smallcap
  • Vertical Align
  • Text Width
  • Vertical Position
  • Spacing
  • Highlight
  • Fittext
  • Set the paragraph to be bidirectional
  • Set text alignment, identation, vertical alignment and spacing
  • Set a border to the paragraph
  • Set the paragraph to be displayed on a new page
  • Allow first and last line of the paragraph to be displayed on a separate page
DOCX Header or Footer
  • Set the header to be displayed on the first page
  • Set the header to be displayed on even pages
  • Set the header to be displayed on every page.
Table Border
  • Set the border type
  • Set the border color
  • Set the border width
  • Set the space between content and border
  • Set image height and width
  • Set the position of the image
  • Set text wrapping preferences
  • Lock the position of the image
  • Specify image behaviour in table cells
  • Display the image behind or above the content
  • Set the url of the hyperlink
  • Set the text bold, italic, underlined or strikeout
  • Set font name and font size
  • Expand or compress text
  • Set Vertical align and position
  • Set text spacing
  • Set text color, highlight and border
  • Add go to buttons
  • Add number of chars, words or pages
  • Add user name or user initials
  • Add save date or print date
  • Add greeting line
  • Specify the starting number for the numbering
  • Specify the symbol or number before the elements of the list

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